• Hispanic Heritage Month

    Colorado Hispanic Republicans are proud to join the celebrations during Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s actually only two weeks, but who’s quibbling?

    Americans of Hispanic descent have a long history of contributions to this great nation we call home. We have come from a variety of Hispanic countries, all in search of the American Dream of opportunity, freedom, and a better life for ourselves and our families.

    Hispanics have a long and rich tradition of military service in the U.S. Armed Forces dating back to the American Revolution. A total of 61 Americans of Hispanic descent have received the the nations highest military honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    But as we recognize the contributions to our nation by Hispanics, let us remember this; Americans of Hispanic descent do not necessarily want to be singled out, or categorized by race or origin. They want to be accepted as Americans.

    I believe that the time has come for Americans to get away from the polarization of our citizens. Someone once said that if we wish to eradicate racism, perhaps we should stop talking about it. Why do we continue to divide Americans by their skin color, religion, or national origin? If we wish to achieve true assimilation, then perhaps we need to stop feeding that monster known as racism.

    Let us, as a people, and as a nation, begin the journey towards peaceful coexistence. Let us all try to live up the dream of Martin Luther King, when he said that one day we could live in a nation where our citizens would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character (paraphrased).

    Americans should reject those that would rather divide us, than unite us.

    So as we celebrate our Hispanic culture and history, let us not lose sight of the reasons why we came to America in the first place. Let us not be so bound by ideas and policies that divide us, but instead let us embrace the ideals of the American spirit.The spirit inspired by our Forefathers who sacrificed so much to birth this great nation.

    I am proud of my Hispanic heritage, but I am even prouder to call myself an American. I thank God almighty each and every day for the gift of living in the United States of America. God Bless America.
    Hugo Chavez-Rey
    Colorado Hispanic Republicans