Welcome to the official website of the Colorado Hispanic Republicans (CHR). Colorado Hispanic Republicans is a non-profit, center-right organization dedicated to increasing the Hispanic community's awareness of public policy issues and helping Hispanics align their votes and their affiliation to their cultural values of Faith, Family and Freedom. We plan to accomplish this vision the following way:

• By educating the Hispanic community on the true principles of the Republican Party that are based on faith, family, personal responsibility, small government, lower taxes, entrepreneurialism, and free market principles that most Hispanics embrace in the US.
• By supporting the GOP leadership in Colorado with Hispanic Outreach

CHR is currently structured as an organization that collects associate membership donations and welcomes Hispanics and Non-Hispanics who identify themselves as Conservatives and/or Republicans and wish to carry on the vision of CHR and advance its mission. Please join us by downloading an Member Application form and mailing it with your check, made out to CHR, to our PO Box. Thank You. Please attend our Meet & Greets that take place every second Thursday of the month.
As Chairman, I am committed to reaching out to individuals and organizations, Hispanic and Non-Hispanic, willing to work with CHR in bridging the Hispanic community with the Republican Party with the ultimate goal of preserving the political, social and economic freedom that this country has offered all its citizens since its foundation. The Hispanic community is represented by hard-working families that believe in personal responsibility and free market principles which have allowed them to become the fastest growing segment of this nation’s economy. Strong and traditional family values also characterize this community, which strives to educate itself and its children with the hopes of achieving the American Dream. The shared core values held by Republicans and Hispanics alike are numerous. It will be my priority to promote their affinity and help the two groups engage more effectively.

Hugo Chavez-Rey
Colorado Hispanic Republicans (CHR)


The long term goals of CHR are to educate, inform and recruit Hispanic candidates to run for elected positions within the Republican Party, and for elective national, state, and local office and to advocate for, and promote among Hispanics an understanding and acceptance of core Republican principles, as well as to Represent Hispanic interests within the State and the GOP, in partnership with other groups and organizations which share our interests. Our immediate goals are to provide an opportunity for Hispanic Republicans to meet once a month and get involved in the political process, and to help the CO-GOP leadership with ways to engage the Hispanic community.

Cinco de Mayo Denver

You're invited to join us at the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

We invite all our friends and supporters to join us for the annual Cinco de Mayo festival at Civic Center Park this weekend May 3rd and 4th. The hours are from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM both days.

We are partnering with American Conservatives of Color and the State GOP.

This is an opportunity to walk the talk as Republicans among tens of thousands of Hispanics from various cultures all congregating in one place. We want to be there and be seen.

Come and wear your CHR t-shirt if you have one, or stop by and for a small donation, we will provide one for you. While at the event, smile, meet and greet folks , and be pleasant. Show the world that Republicans are not what the media portrays us to be.

Remember that the primary goal is to build relationships and bridges with Hispanics, not to brow beat them or insult them into voting our way. We have to show that we care first, and then they will listen to what we have to say.

We look forward to meeting and seeing as many Republicans as possible at the festival.

If you are interested in volunteering; contact us by calling Hugo at 303-586-6172. If someone is not available to take your call, please leave a voice mail message with your name and contact phone number. Your call will be returned.

Thank you. Let's make this a successful event.

Denver Cinco de Mayo

Saturday May 3, 2014
Sunday May 4, 2014

From 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM