Life Issue

We take the position that God designed each person with certain talents and gifts for a unique purpose and that each individual has the obligation to utilize those talents and gifts toward substantial good in our society. Because our community is rich in its Faith, we believe that every life, created by God must be treated with care and dignity. Therefore, CHR believes in the protection of human life from conception to natural death.

Healthcare Issue

CHR believes that it is free market competition in the health care and insurance industries that will lead to true cost containment of health care.Allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, tort reform and high-risk pooling are just some of the ways the high cost of healthcare can be controlled.

Education Issue

CHR believes that it is the parent who understands best the specific needs of their children and therefore should have many choices for their children’s education in the form of (but not limited to) charter schools, tax credits and voucher programs, home schooling. With the graduation rates among the Hispanic Community of around 50% in Denver and an atrocious 38% in Adams County we must bring competition to the public school system in order to encourage a more successful graduation rate within our public schools.

Jobs and the Economy Issue

CHR believes it is the free market, capitalist system in America, not the government that creates jobs and a stable economy. We believe that business owners and job creators paying lower tax rates will allow them to invest that money savings in their entity to grow their businesses and create jobs. We believe economic growth is catapulted when the government lives within its means.We also understand that it has been our free market structure that has raised the standard of living for everyone here in America. Per President Obama’s most recent exposure of his ideology that business owners relied on government roads and teachers to create their business, CHR wishes to be clear that if it hadn’t been for businesses generating tax revenues, those roads wouldn’t have been built or maintained and teachers wouldn’t have jobs.

Photo ID Issue

CHR encourages the protection of our electoral system by requiring photo i.d. to vote. Not only are we highly offended that Attorney General Eric Holder, the Obama Administration and democrats would deem our community so incompetent that we would be unable to obtain a photo id., we find it condescending, patronizing and demeaning to tag our community as such victims. Many Latin American countries, as well as most countries around the world require much harsher and stricter voter i.d laws. America cannot be the only country that takes no measure to protect the citizens’ most sacred vote. We also find it hypocritical of the Democrat Party that they would require photo i.d. to participate in their caucus process, to attend in a book signing by First Lady Michelle Obama or a speaking engagement of President Obama. Apparently they do not hold themselves to their own standard that they believe it is disenfranchising to their own ordinary Democratic voters while demonizing the Republican Party for requiring the same.

Colorado Amendment 64

The Colorado Hispanic Republicans met and voted on the issue of ballot measure known as Amendment 64, a referendum proposition to regulate Marijuana usage the same as alcohol.Due to the negative effects of approving such a measure in the Colorado Constitution, the Colorado Hispanic Republicans Board of Governors stands in opposition to this ballot proposition and urges all concerned citizens to vote against the measure.


CHR supports the economic and environmental benefits of safe and responsible oil and natural gas development in Colorado.
Hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” –typically lasts only 3-5 days per well, making it a brief and temporary step in today’s advanced oil and natural gas drilling development process.

Fracking has been safely used over 2 million times since 1947 and today more than 95 percent of oil and gas wells undergo fracking at some point during their lifespan.
Often referred to as a model for nation, Colorado regulators, environmentalists, and oil and gas companies work together to keep fracking safe, and other states are taking notice of Colorado’s strict regulatory framework. Federal, state and local governments all have a part in regulating the development of oil and natural gas, including fracking.

Neither the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nor the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has ever found a connection to chemicals entering our groundwater as a result of the fracking process.

Fracking also plays a pivotal role in driving America towards achieving energy independence, while the oil and natural gas industry creates jobs and provides vital tax revenue to all levels of government.

The oil and natural gas produced from fracking is an important revenue source for our federal, state and local government. The oil and natural gas industry added almost $30 billion to Colorado’s economy last year. That’s $1.6 billion in tax revenue for things that are important – like Colorado’s schools, parks and roads. And statewide, the industry supports over 110,000 well-paying Colorado jobs Colorado fracking unlocks an abundant supply of natural gas—pushing Colorado’s energy prices 23% below the national average. Lower energy prices save you an estimated $500 per a year.

To learn more, CHR encourages members to visit Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) at or Both websites can be viewed in Spanish by clicking on the Español tab in the top right corner of their webpages.