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    CHR Endorses Steve House for CO GOP Chair

    Colorado Hispanic Republicans hereby endorses Steve House for the office of Colorado Republican Party Chairman.

    The time for new leadership in the Colorado GOP is now. Steve endorses the idea of a bigger tent party to include all the minority coalitions which have worked diligently towards attracting more voters to the Republican cause.

    Steve House has a vision to grow the party infrastructure using modern methods, giving us better tools which will propel the party towards victories in upcoming elections. Steve’s business background and success demonstrates an ability to lead our party. He will trust and ensure that all staff members of the state GOP are utilized to the their full potential.

    As a coalition Republican organization we are committed to doing our part to grow the voter base among Hispanic voters. Steve understands the importance of the work performed by groups like Colorado Hispanic Republicans. He has pledged his support of our important mission, and if elected, the support of the state party apparatus.

    Steve’s vision for the Colorado Republican party is to work closely with county leaders in order to ensure their local success, to help identify qualified candidates for offices at all levels, and to implement exciting new ideas to grow and improve the Republican brand and image in the state of Colorado among all voters.

    For these reasons and several more, we would urge the voting members of the CRC to elect Steve House as Chairman of the Colorado GOP at the State Central Committee Meeting on March 14, 2015.