• Border

    The Border Crisis?

    (This article was originally published on the National Journal)

    The false illusion Americans once held about the security of our nation’s borders has been shattered. Those were days of innocence. Now we face an Immigration swell driven in part by cartel activity, gang violence, and human sex trafficking—as well as an ill-advised executive action. It has become a crisis we did not ask for, but it is a crisis we are now forced to reckon with.

    The arrival of thousands of needy Central American children is testing America. It has exposed a deficiency in leadership, tried our compassion, and forced us to acknowledge our weakness in guarding our borders.

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  • We’re here for you

    Hispanics and the American Dream

    A new initiative helps promote the ideals of liberty, hard work, and self-reliance.

    By Rachel Campos-Duffy

    The Obama economy has not been kind to Hispanics.

    Hispanic Unemployment remains in double digits. Since 2008, Hispanic family income has dropped by $2,500 and 2.5 million more Latinos have fallen into Poverty . And yet, when polled, Hispanics remain optimistic about their future, with a full 76 percent saying they believe their children will do better than they. This is in stark contrast to the majority of Americans, who tell pollsters that they do not expect their children to fare better economically. While today most Americans are gloomy about the prospects for future generations, Hispanic Americans are still bullish on the American dream.

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